So so tired

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’ve been getting home after 7pm and have just been too tired to bother turning the computer on. I’ve been just eating dinner and then sinking into bed. I have a huge blister on my left heel and I’ve pulled my right calf muscle again (not complaining, just telling you). This room auditing is seriously physically demanding.

So, this week’s pedometer readings:
Monday: 31,442 steps
Tuesday: 31,065 steps
Wednesday: 35,635 steps
Thursday: 29,431 steps
Friday: 24,055 steps (due to my sore calf I took the lift a few times, hence significantly less steps)
Grand total: 151,628 steps. I should’ve written down the equivalent kms each night, but I forgot. If you want to sort of gauge how many kms those steps would’ve been, tonight’s steps 24,055 equals 18.04km. I’ll let you work it out if you are so inclined.

There are some very rude people on campus, arrogant bastards and stupid bitches who made my job more difficult than it needed to be. But it is now over. In pain I shall relax.

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