Footy Grand Final Day

I am sitting here watching the telly because it’s the AFL Grand Final match today. I’m going for the West Coast Eagles, of course. I don’t care if they don’t win – I just don’t want them to be humiliated. As long as it’s a competitive, exciting game I’ll be happy.

We went to the shops this morning so I could check my PO Box and buy the newspaper. For breakfast, I got myself one of these:

Miss Maud Chicken Flute

It’s a Chicken Flute from Miss Maud. It’s a relatively new product. It’s a long, crispy mini baguette (mini in width, not mini in length) filled with roast chicken and lashings of Miss Maud mayonaise. Besides the Japanese baby mayonaise, this is one the tastiest most more-ish mayonaises EVER. I’ve become quite addicted to the Chicken Flute, and I think it’s all due to the Miss Maud mayo. It’s now my (sometimes) Saturday morning treat. They are about three times the length you see in this picture. Miss Maud also sells a Turkey Flute (with cranberry sauce of course), and a Smoked Salmon Flute (with dill mustard sauce).

And for the match, I’ll be feasting on these chickeny chicken sushi rolls. Mmmmmmm.

Chicken sushi rolls

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