Friday Night Footy+ caesar salad

What an exciting match tonight! I listened to the final quarter on the radio, and it was so damn good I had to watch it on the telly (delayed telecast) afterwards. I had to see Nick Davis’ final goal that stole victory for the Swans with just seconds to spare. And ok, I admit, I just wanted to see the Geelong players crying.

Final score:
Sydney Swans 7.14 (56)
Geelong Cats 7.11 (53)
Match report from the official AFL site.
Match report from Fox Sports.

P.S. I have nothing against Geelong, nor am I a Sydney fan – it’s just that I tipped Sydney to win for the footy tipping comp.

Tonight, Jac made caesar salad for dinner. It’s one of her specialty dishes. Pixel thinks it’s fabulous when Jac makes it because she always gets a little bacon snack (Jac spoils the babies – I never give them bacon!). I love the smell as Jac fries the lardons. They have to be left to cool in the microwave, the only place safe from the naughty Pixel. I ate my salad with a quarter bbq chook and lovely soft white bread with canola spread (no, the bacon in the salad is not enough meat for my dinner…heheheh).

Here’s the salad:

caesar salad

And here’s the close-up:

caesar salad, close-up

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