Late lunch

Today Jac and I, and our friend Michaela went to visit another friend in hospital. On the way back (like, 2:15/2:30pm) we had a very late lunch at our favourite asian food hall.

Michaela’s lunch: chinese combination. I forgot to ask her what dishes she had, but I can see sweet and sour something, satay, omelette, mixed vegetables, egg noodles, fried rice, black bean beef, spring roll, prawn cracker…

Chinese combination

Jac’s lunch: Salmon sashimi deluxe set: salad (with that really lovely sesame oil Japanese salad dressing), tempura (prawn, green bean, sweet potato and eggplant), california roll and salmon sashimi. Sashimi is something I never eat. I’m not squeamish about raw fish – I just don’t like the taste or texture of it. Jac also had a big glass of cendol to wash it all down.

Salmon sashimi deluxe set

My lunch: char kway teow. It was a choice between my Favourite Three: char kway teow, wantan mee dry style, or hainan chicken rice.

Char kway teow

After we’d stuffed ourselves, we went to the asian supermarket next door and bought a bottle of oyster sauce (we’ve run out – must always have oyster sauce in the pantry!), more pickled green chillies in a jar for Jac, and some of my favourite sausage buns – each bun has a frankfurter in soft, chewy, oily asian bread. I just love these and would eat them just about every day, but I’ve only ever found them in this one shop, even though the information on the back of the packaging says they are made locally in Mt Pleasant. I got three sausage buns (for breakfast/snacks -whatever!), and a red bean paste bun, which are yummy too. They have all sorts of flavours – minced beef, chocolate, cheese, peanut, kaya…

Sausage bun

I can’t believe another weekend is just about over. I wish (for the squillionth time) that we had a three-day weekend with a four-day working week. A three-day weekend would mean one day to do crappy household stuff, pay bills, do the shopping, etc., one day to socialise, and one day to completely relax and do NOTHING (NOTHING means I stay home, play on the computer and watch videos/dvds). Busy week coming up, even busier the next. And my brother is back from his snowboarding holiday in NZ, so we’ll have to schedule a computer building session as soon as possible.

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