On Wednesday last week, I went along to the postgraduate students association AGM/BBQ. It was well-organised. There were b0wls of chips to nibble on, carrot sticks and dips, and everyone got a drink voucher to redeem at the bar next door. Most people got a glass of wine or a beer with theirs, but I got myself a large bottle of 100% apple and pineapple juice. MK helped cook the barbie, which was loaded with delicious-smelling things. L-R: onions, vegetarian sausages, savoury meaty rissoles and beef sausages.


L opted for a vegetarian sausage, onions and tomato sauce in a multi-grain bun.

Vegetarian sausage, onions, tomato sauce and a grainy bun

The grainy bun looked too healthy for me (and more importantly too much crap to pick out of teeth afterwards), so I chose a long white bun instead, and had onions, a beef sausage and honey barbecue sauce. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given very many onions. They are hidden underneath the sausage, which was really tasty.

Onions, beef sausage and honey mustard sauce

I did get myself a rissole as well (sorry, no photo). It was heavily meaty, if you know what I mean. I got a bit of a gut-ache after eating it. And it was juicy! When I bit into it, this oily, fatty juice dribbled out onto my jacket. Revolting and tantalising at the same time!

When the barbie and AGM were over, multiple packets of Tim Tams(of different varieties!) were opened and shared around.

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