Low energy + fish sandwich

After the hectic last week, I feel kind of low on energy this week. As the day went on today, I felt increasingly tired and decreasingly sociable. I might work at home tomorrow so I don’t need to face anyone. I’m not depressed or anything like that; I just feel physically drained and it’s normal for me to go off people from time to time (nothing personal against them, there just comes a time on a regular basis that having to interact with my office mates starts to give me the shits; it’s good that I have the option to avoid them completely when that happens).

Something that did get me down recently however, was Jac asking me for some money for her trip to Sydney. This has effectively killed all chance of my secret plans to get stuff done around the house while she is gone (yes… she asked me for quite a large chunk of my funds; I won’t say how much, but let’s just say it is more than half gone now). Oh well. I always knew I’d be giving her some money for her trip (I hadn’t realised she’d need this much though). She is hopeless at saving money (I bitch about this all the time to her). I suppose I feel shitty about this because 1) I was going to spend the money on the house, so effectively I was going to spend it on us but instead 2) that money will now be just pissed away. I know some people place a lot of value on having a good time, but it’s such a waste of money to me. If I think new microwave, fixing the bar fridge door seal, new juicer, lights fixed in bedroom (just a few examples) versus party money, I don’t choose party money. …well, this time I kind of had to.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner was quick and simple, hot fish sandwiches: panfried seasoned gummy shark filet, tartare sauce and lots of lettuce in soft fresh white bread. Jac does upset me every now and then, but she feeds me very well.

Fish sandwich

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