Dinner and speakers

Last night for dinner Jac steamed vegetables – choy sam, fresh asparagus and swiss brown mushrooms, which she served with a mix of oyster sauce, fried garlic and onion. The vegetables were steamed in our bamboo steamer, the sauce made in a fry pan and poured over the top of the vegetables when they were ready to be served. She also made ma po tofu using a Lee Kum Kee packet mix, soft tofu and chicken. The flavour of the packet mix was very interesting – very savoury, an almost curry-like taste, with a mild chilli kick. It wasn’t bad. I’d definitely eat it again (well, actually, I am going to today, have leftovers for lunch). I gave this meal my AFE (Approval For Encore).

Ma po tofu with steamed veg and rice

I’m still working at home as I’m still feeling very anti-social. Just the thought of having to make conversation irritates me. Don’t get me wrong, there are very nice people in the office (there’s just one wanker, but I won’t go into that today). I just don’t want to talk or listen to anyone today. I’ll have to go in at some point this week though, to return a couple of recalled library books… plus I’m craving hainan chicken rice. Friday evening there’s going to be a postgraduate pizza night at the uni tavern. I’ll probably go to that. Chicken rice and pizza are two very good incentives to go to uni – never mind the people. Heh.

Today I’ll be working on that abstract I’m supposed to submit for the upcoming seminar at uni in November. My supervisor really wants me to present a paper at the seminar. I’m really quite unenthused; I really don’t care that much about talking about my research to a room of other postgrad students. I’m still trying to decide on the topic – will it be a shortened version of one of the chapters I’ve already written, or something slightly different (but still relevant to my research)?

I’m feeling very distracted by thoughts about new speakers for my computer. I’ve currently got a cheapie ($30) two speaker setup, but want to upgrade to fairly good 2.1 or perhaps 5.1 speakers. I play music and DVD movies – don’t really game. I’m trying to decide if a really good 2.1 setup may be better than a 5.1 setup I could afford for the same money. Anyway, more on this later. I must get started on work before I sink into complete distraction.

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