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This post is a response to Mooiness’ comment and questions from the previous post.

My PC is in my study, which isn’t a very big room (Jac estimates that it measures 6 x 12). When I’m home, I spend most of my time in the study. I listen to mp3s and watch DVDs on the PC. I also watch DVDs on the TV in the study as well. With my two computer monitors, TV makes three monitors in a row. But I will probably be losing the smaller monitor in the near future – it will become Jac’s monitor when I put together a new system for her. I keep my own DVDs in the study because 1) this avoids visitors seeing them and asking if they can borrow them and 2) Jac and I have very different tastes in movies and TV shows, so I tend to watch the stuff that only I like in the study. No need to leave them in the lounge with the DVDs she likes, which I don’t like and never watch.

It has been said by many an observer that if I had a fridge in the study, I would never leave the room!
I reckon if I had a fridge and some sort of automated toilet facility (i.e. not a potty!) I would never leave the room! The fridge may be a possibility sometime in the future, if we shifted the rooms around and our master bedroom became my study (amazingly, it was Jac’s suggestion!). There would definitely be room for a bar fridge in there!

Initially when thinking about it, I was sure extra cables for back speakers would annoy me, but now I’m beginning to warm to the idea – a worthwhile trade off for good sound. :)

From my research, it appears that Logitech are heavier on the bass/subwoofer and Altec Lansing have a clearer sound overall. I’m not really into heavy doof-doof wall-shaking sort of sound, so I much prefer the idea of a less powerful subwoofer.

Initially I thought I’d only spend up to $100 on speakers, but I saw these and am quite taken by them.
Here are a couple of reviews: 1 and 2.

I like the features of this particular speaker set, which include a switch for changing between 6-channel mode and 2/4-channel mode, built-in RCA inputs for DVD player or gaming console (I occasionally dig the old PlayStation and enjoy a few hours of Wip3out), separate controls for volume, centre speaker, surround and sub all located on a control pad that can sit on top of the desk – no need to go crawling under desk to fiddle with subwoofer volume knob, and of course, there’s a headphone jack as well. They are also the right colour to go with my gradual PC colour scheme change – I’ll be ditching all beige bits in favour of black/silver. My TV and DVD player in here are silver, and the VCR is black, so it will all go together nicely.

Anyway, still deciding. Actually, I think I’ve decided… just working on actually taking the plunge.

No food pics tonight – dinner was rice with leftovers. Jac found a box of leftover chicken in plum sauce from a recent Chinese home delivery, and I polished that off with leftover choy sam from last night. There was no more of that yummy oyster, onion and garlic sauce, so I made my own with dark soy and sesame oil. Very tasty.

Oh yeah, I’ve juggled my finances and recalculated. I reckon although buying a new stove and having it installed is out of the question while Jac is away, as long as I get paid for my latest session of assignment-marking I may be able to wangle buying a new microwave or that juicer she wants (well, we both want)… and get the bar fridge seals fixed. I’ll have to be very careful to work it all out – I don’t want to be up shit creek if something unexpected happens and we suddenly need money (like a few years ago when our solar hot water system decided to die, right in the middle of winter. It was then I wished I was renting and not paying the mortgage! Luckily, Ms. Careful had put aside her tax refund money for such an emergency). And bloody Christmas is coming up too. I tend to plan my expenditure very carefully just in case; Jac’s attitude is “you only live once so you may as well enjoy it”. I do enjoy my life (hey, I’m going to buy new speakers aren’t I?!), but I guess I just have a more cautious approach.

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