Saturday lunch

Slept in this morning, then got up and went to the shops. Had lunch at Nando’s, which I really enjoyed.

Jac chose the Mediterranean Chicken Salad. The salad consisted of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, capsicum, olives (already pitted) and fetta cheese, topped with pieces of grilled chicken (Jac chose mild peri-peri). The dish came with a sachet of “Trio of Bell Pepper” salad dressing, which was a little spicy but very nice.

Nando's Mediterranean Chicken Salad

I had my standard Nando’s order of 4 chicken thighs (mild peri-peri also) with chips. I must say whoever cooked those thighs did it just perfectly. They were beautifully moist and tender. Well done Nando’s for leaving some of the fat in the thigh pieces – it was just enough to make the thighs juicy and really flavoursome. I love dipping my chips into the pool of juice the chicken sits in. I wiped my plate clean with my chips. Nice to have a proper weekend again.

Nando's Thigh Pack with Chips

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