This week has been mostly consumed by marking and chapter-writing. I am pleased to say both have been completed and I plan to relax this weekend. I’m very tired now, so this is the short (hah!) version of what happened this week…

On Monday night, Jac steamed snapper fillets, which she seasoned simply with cracked black pepper and salt. She whipped up and fried some potato cakes to go with the fish, and served it with a few lettuce leaves, tomato, dill pickles and sliced green apple.

Steamed snapper, potato cakes, salad and fruit

On Tuesday night, Jac made a chicken and vegetable korma. The vegetables were pumpkin, potato, zucchini and broad beans. I spent the next day hoping the beans wouldn’t decide to um, speak.

Chicken and vegetable korma

On Wednesday night, I went to M’s house after uni to help her install a new DVD burner in her family’s computer. This was the first bit of computer hardware I’ve installed by myself since my brother supervised me building my new pc. It was fun. Being a static trap and having no anti-static strap, I did the job with my shoes off and made sure to touch the metal inside of the case as I was working. M (who shall be referred to as MK from now on)’s husband AK cooked dinner. Jac drove over to have dinner too, and so it was a very sociable evening.

The salad was lovely. You can see for yourself what was in it:


AK’s basil chicken was damned delicious. He’s a very good cook. I asked him what was in it and he told me, but I didn’t write it all down. All I can remember is: basil, lime leaves, lime juice, chives, chilli and fish sauce. MK had the leftovers for lunch the next day, while I had more of Tuesday night’s curry.

AK's basil chicken

My plate. We ate the basil chicken and salad with rice and roti canai. When I was a kid I loved hot roti canai with sugar. That crunch was so satisfying. Same reason why I loved freshly made bread, butter and sugar sandwiches, but not ones made in the morning for me to have for lunch at school – by the time I had them in the afternoon, the sugar would have mostly melted, so no more crunch.

My plate: basil chicken and salad with rice and roti canai

Ever since MK saw the picture of my sister’s pandan wedding cake and heard me rave about it, she’s been keen to try pandan herself. Anyone know where there’s some nice pandan cake in Perth I can buy her?

On Thursday I went to the shops after uni and had McDonald’s for tea (Quarter Pounder with Cheese Value Meal). I bought the latest issue of PC User magazine, which has a big feature on DVD burners/burning. I popped into EB and bought an LCD screen cleaning kit (anti-static brush, cleaning liquid and lint-free polish cloth). My laptop’s monitor has been getting pretty dirty, and I’ve had nothing to clean it with up to now. Even though the price tag said $14.95, the EB guy who served me said “Hang on, this has been marked down. Let me check on the price for you.” It ended up being only $8.00! The EB guy apologised for taking so long to get the price, but I said “That’s cool, you just saved me seven bucks!” Now that was good customer service, hey? I mean, I had no reason to think the kit was any cheaper than the marked price and would have happily paid $14.95, so it was nice of him to check it out for my benefit.

Tonight’s dinner was really good too. I’m feeling very full and satisfied as I type this. Jac asked me this morning, on my way out as I said goodbye, what I wanted for dinner. I told her I wanted some home cooked comfort food, to help cheer me up after a horrendously draining week. And so, Jac made minchee, which is most definitely one of my favourite, most comforting comfort foods of all time. Most of you will have seen my previous minchee photos before, but for those who haven’t, it’s a dish made from pork mince, onion, garlic and potato cubes, flavoured with oyster and light soy sauce. I’ve loved it ever since I was a child. It’s bloody fantastic that Jac learned how to make it, because she makes it all the time for me.


For vegies, Jac stir-fried eggplant (which she sliced up and then steamed first), green beans, broccoli, champignons, garlic and onion, using a Lee Kum Kee packet flavouring for “Spicy Eggplant Stir-fry”. It was a little spicy, but not that much, perfect for a chilli-wuss like me.

Spicy stir-fried vegetables

My loaded plate.

My plate

P.S. C, it was lovely to see you this morning, brief as it was. After I spoke to you, I backtracked to the bakery on the corner and bought a box of fried rice for $3.00, brought it to uni (sniffing the plastic bag the bakery lady put it in every few minutes on the ride to uni – the plastic bag smelled like doughnuts mmmm), rezapped it in the office microwave and had it for breakfast.

Really tired now. Have more to say but won’t try right now.

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