Wednesday, Part 2 (oh dear!)

After that huge pig out (phrase chosen deliberately for this story) at breakfast, I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 2:30pm! Even then, I was just peckish, not starving as I usually am. I wandered downstairs and bought myself a serve of wantan soup for $3.50. It was beautiful soup – perfectly seasoned and not too oily. The chinese cabbage floating in it was just perfect. There were four or five wantans in the soup. I thought it was pretty good value. M tried a spoonful and was compelled to run downstairs and buy herself a serve too.

Wantan soup

Here’s a close-up of the first wantan before I ate it. Look good? Well, looks can be deceiving…

Wantan soup - close up of wantan

…because unfortunately, the wantan filling was raw! Not just a little pinker than I’d like, but RAW! Raw and unmistakably porky. UGH! I actually ate one and a half wantans before thinking, “Hmmmm, that tasted kind of weird”, and stopping to examine the partially eaten wantan in my spoon a little more closely. I wasn’t as grossed out as I thought I would be, more annoyed. I fished them all out of the soup and microwaved them. By this time, M had returned, all pleased, with her own soup. I had to break the news about the wantans. She tried one of hers and it took her a little while to taste the rawness – her “EUUUUUUGGGGH!” confirmed that the chef was, most unfortunately, quite consistent. M was worried she’d be ill from eating the raw pork but I reassured her by telling her I’d actually eaten more of it than her and I felt fine (but of course, I do have a stomach of steel compared to her). We couldn’t be bothered going back downstairs and complaining. It was a shame, because the soup itself was really just so good.

M’s paranoia about being sick got to me – for the rest of afternoon, I kept thinking, “If I was going to be sick, I should’ve been sick by now…right?” Sick never eventuated, thank goodness. Good old stomach of steel! In the evening, Jac and I visited my cousin and her hubby, who have just had their first baby, born on the 27th September. We had dinner with them – fish and chips, calamari rings and pineapple fritters. Bloody good. We talked about the baby’s amazing powers of suction, the resemblance of her poo to satay sauce and how a male pig has a screw-shaped penis. Good dinner conversation!

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