Saturday: wholemeal spaghetti with cashew nut pesto and chicken. The pesto was bought pre-made from Dewsons supermarket, and was made from cashews, garlic, olive oil and herbs. Jac added the wholemeal spaghetti, peas, onions and chicken. The cashews made the dish extremely rich. It was beautiful, but I felt a little ill afterwards.

Wholemeal spaghetti with cashew nut pesto and chicken

Sunday: char siu wantan mee, dry style from our favourite asian food hall. I always order dry, never wet style. I prefer the noodles sitting in that dark, salty sauce (dry style) instead of in a big bowl of soup (wet style). I’ve always thought dry style was the best of both worlds really, because although the noodles do not come in a bowl of soup, you still get a bowl of soup on the side. Interestingly, tonight the dish was served with the wantans on the plate, rather than floating in the soup (easily fixed, I picked up the wantans one by one with my spoon and plopped them into the soup). The soup itself was a little on the salty side, but I still drank it all and enjoyed it.

Char siu wantan mee dry style

What a gloriously warm and sunny day it was today! I enjoyed being in a singlet and shorts again.

The cats enjoyed the sunny day too. They sat there at the bottom of that clothes rack in the spa room all day, soaking up the rays.

Lazy Sunday

Did you do anything interesting on your weekend?

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