When the cat’s away, the mouse will… order Dominos home delivered pizza for lunch. With no one to please other than myself, I ordered the Meatmaster with Thin ‘n’ Crispy crust*, a side order of Chicken Strips with sweet and sour sauce and a garlic bread.

The Chicken Strips didn’t look very good but they tasted great. I was surprised at how chickeny they actually were. The sweet and sour sauce tasted and had the texture of that fake, bright red sauce you sometimes get when you order sweet and sour. I’m not into that fake sweet and sour when it comes to sweet and sour chicken/pork/fish, but as a dipping sauce for the Chicken Strips it went very well.

Dominos Chicken Strips with sweet and sour sauce

The pizza was just as good as the last time I had it. I’m pleasantly surprised and impressed with the amount of toppings Dominos has been putting on their pizza. Look at those meatballs! Look at that bacon!

Meatmaster with Thin 'n' Crispy crust

I received a packet of 10 thumbscrews I bought from eBay. I must say the UK postal service is amazingly quick. The thumbscrews were posted on Thursday. I’ve had stuff from the UK arrive in two days before. I’ve been meaning to buy thumbscrews for my pc case for a little while – for some stupid reason only one side panel came with thumbscrews. If I want to remove both side panels (which due to the design of the case must be done if I want to remove the front panel to access the intake fan) I need a screwdriver for the other side panel. Not an earth-shattering inconvenience by any means, but a minor irritation. I got my thumbscrews from this guy in the UK for £1.65 plus £1.80 postage. This all came to an equivalent grand total of AU$8.22. You know how much I love bargains.

My replacement intake fan arrived yesterday too. I’m quite happy with my new flashing fan, so I won’t be installing the replacement. I’ll just keep it as a spare for now. I’d like to at this point acknowledge how helpful PC Case Gear were about my fan problems. If only the postage from Melbourne to Perth wasn’t so expensive, I’d have ordered more stuff from them already.

Nintek, one of my favourite online computer retailers is easily contactable during business hours on MSN Messenger. I was asking the Nintek person on MSN whether they would be selling rounded IDE cables in the near future (yep, more bling) and was pleased to hear that they would. But then he/she wrote: Btw, your site always makes me hungry :-P . I was like whaaaaaaaaat? :-O. I asked how he/she knew about my site (I don’t recall ever associating my personal/order information with this site – it’s not a problem, I was just curious) but he/she didn’t answer. Very mysterious. So if you are reading this, person from Nintek, could you please tell me? :-)

Jac and I exchanged about half a dozen SMS the other day. It was fun having a (sort of) conversation that way. She asked what I thought about us selling our car and getting a campervan instead. Could be interesting. We could star in our own TV series, travelling around in our own Mystery Machine and having crazy adventures.**

The programme has been set for next Friday’s seminar. Luckily, I will be presenting my paper before lunch, so I will be able to relax and pig out afterwards. I’ve had to stop looking at my paper because everytime I do I rewrite it.

*I like Thin ‘n’ Crispy crust, but if we order it I have to put up with Jac making this-would-be-better-if -it-was-Classic-Crust faces as she eats it. I’d rather eat Classic crust than put up with seeing those faces. :-)

Edit: **Me, having crazy adventures?! Hah. I’m much too serious and uptight for that.

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