Yummy, but too many pans

Tonight’s dinner was beef chipolatas, garlic mashed potato, peas and baked beans, which I served with a blob of smokey barbecue sauce. To make garlic mashed potato is very simple: I boiled the potatoes with a couple of whole cloves of garlic. I didn’t peel the garlic skins off, I just popped them into the water with the potatoes. When the potatoes were cooked, I drained everything and tossed the garlic skins away. I put the spuds and garlic back into the pan and mashed it all together with butter and pepper. No need for any salt – the garlic gave the mash a delicious flavour. This was a yummy and easy enough dinner to cook, but it was just too many pans (sausages in fry pan, potatoes in one saucepan, peas in another pan)! I most definitely prefer one-pot/wok wonders. But the dishes and all the pans have now been washed, and I’m contentedly watching episodes of The Apprentice and sipping on a cuppa.

Chipolatas, garlic mashed potato, peas and baked beans

P.S. I almost couldn’t be bothered to have peas, but a little voice in my head reminded me I must be sure to eat vegetables. I know they’re frozen peas, but at least they’re green! Heheheeh

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