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Heeheehee, I just won a copy of the Elvis – Hitstory 3 CD set on a radio competition (I told you I’m an Elvis fan, didn’t I?!). The hard part of the competition is getting through on the phone. It’s called Word of the Day; they give you a word and three definitions and you have to guess which is the correct definition. The funny (and good) thing about this is that it doesn’t matter whether you guess wrong or not, they let you keep guessing until you pick the right one, so you always win the CD of the week prize. It’s just a bit of fun I suppose. I’d been very keen to get through and win this week’s CD, and got through a couple of times during the week, but someone else had already got through ahead of me. Anyway, today being Friday was the last day featuring the Elvis CD set, and I tried again. I used the speed dial just a moment before I thought the announcer was going to ask for callers to ring to play Word of the Day. If you wait until he’s gotten the whole sentence or even half the sentence out by the time you ring all you get is the engaged tone, so I suppose that’s the trick to getting through.

It was luck, really. When I got through, the guy on the phone said he’d had someone else get through before me (so someone else rang even earlier and/or quicker than me!), but they’d dropped offline; if they came back online they’d be the contestant and I would miss out. I waited on hold for what seemed like ages during the commercial break and the longer I waited the more I hoped the other person hadn’t come back again. Anyway, you know the rest!

Oh, and what was the word? Tragomaschalia. Like I said, I didn’t try very hard to guess right, as I knew I’d win the CD anyway. The choices I was given were:
A) Smelly armpits
B) A back condition
C) Smelly feet

The answer was… A)! If I spoke Greek I would’ve been able to work out the answer, as this definition shows.

I’ll have to go to the radio station and pick up my prize sometime. Next week is looking chockers; I have exams to supervise every day except Friday, and on Friday I’ll be presenting my paper and at the seminar all day. I guess I’ll go the following week (I have 21 days in which to claim my prize, so that should be cool).

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