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Yesterday, we decided to take a trip to the Midland Military Markets to buy fruit and vegetables for both eating and juicing. Jac was also keen to have a Stovey Burger. If you remember, last time we went to the Markets Jac was on the Liver Cleansing Diet and couldn’t have one. Most unfortunately, as we wandered around the Markets, we realised that The Shamrock was no longer there! We did wander upstairs into the Digger Cafe where I was planning to order a Hawaiian burger (beef pattie, bacon, pineapple, mayonaise and salad) with chips and Jac was going to order a steak burger with chips, but we got sick of waiting to order at the counter; no one caught our eye or acknowledged our presence, not the lady in the kitchen who was facing us, in our direct line of vision, and the girl at the cash register who was at spitting distance, fiddling with the register but just would not look up. If we aren’t acknowledged in a restaurant or cafe within five minutes (we understand if it’s busy and no one is free to take our order, but it’s not acceptable for us to be just left standing or sitting there and pretty much ignored), we walk out. In this case, the cafe wasn’t even half-full, and walk out we did. We decided to try the Turkish Gozleme House instead, which we’d seen on our way in.

Turkish Gozleme House Menu

We ordered a No.4. to share. I’d never eaten gozleme before. The turkish flat bread, cooked on the grill, was really tasty, and the filling was delicious too. The spicy beef mince tasted almost like curry (and they didn’t skimp on the meat, you could definitely taste meat with each bite), and the vegetables went perfectly (loads of spinach, and cucumber and capsicum cut up really fine). The gozleme came with garlic dip which was really good – refreshing, yoghurty and pleasantly garlicky. I knew the gozleme would be nice even before it arrived, as I could see a lady rolling the bread out and mixing up the filling, fresh, on the premises. The gozleme is definitely recommended, and I’ll most definitely eat it again next time I’m there (well, as long as they are still there!). We did have to check each other’s teeth for spinach and black pepper (from the garlic dip) afterwards, but it’s a small price to pay for something savoury and delicious!


The gozleme filling:

Gozleme inside

After lunch we walked around the markets for a while. Jac bought a King-size 4-pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups from the candy store, and I bought a $5 rug for my study floor (to cover up the right rear speaker wire so I don’t trip over it). We bought loads of fruit and vegetables (at really great prices – for example, they sell 3kg bags of WA-grown navel oranges which we’ve been juicing for $3.99 – at our local fruit and veg shop at our local shopping centre the same 3kg bags sell for $5.99!) and came home. Because we’d only shared a gozleme, we still felt peckish when we got home, so I cooked up some instant noodles in soup, which I served with fresh bok choy. We ate our second lunch and watched more of Magnum P.I. on dvd.

Dinner yesterday was fried rice, using more of the Christmas ham.

Fried rice

It’s been really nice just hanging out with Jac while she’s been off work. She goes back to work on Wednesday next week, and I guess I’ll be looking at the bloody thesis again.

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