After having a cuppa at Jac’s mum’s house and saying good-bye to her brother who was returning to Sydney in the afternoon, we had lunch at our favourite asian food hall. I had hokkien mee.

Hokkien mee

Jac had yong tau foo. I didn’t take a picture of it because it looked exactly like this photo I took on a previous occasion (below). My favourite things are the fish balls, fried bean curd skins (foo chok) and the stuffed eggplant. Served drizzled with hoisin and a sprinkling of chopped spring onion, with a big dish of gingery chilli sauce and a big dish of more hoisin sauce for dipping.

Yong tau foo

In the afternoon, in between doing loads of laundry I watched Girls! Girls! Girls!, one of the movies in my Elvis Jukebox Movie Collection, one of the pressies Jac gave me for Christmas. I just love Elvis movies.

For dinner, Jac transformed the leftover Christmas turkey thigh roll into a casserole with onions, peas, mushrooms and a packet of cream of mushroom soup. She served it with garlic mashed potato, steamed green beans and a garnish of sweet grape tomatoes. She didn’t follow an actual recipe – she pretty much just made it up with a can of bourbon and cola in hand. That’s her favourite way to cook, I think! The casserole was really tasty. I ate everything on the plate you see here. Yes, I am a pig.

Turkey casserole, garlic mashed potato, steamed green beans

EDIT. And I meant to mention: Jac and I went for a walk in the evening before dinner, just around the neighborhood. We stopped at a house to say hello to four cats sitting in the front yard. One of them, a grey short haired boofer of a boy (looked like an English shorthair) came running eagerly up to us. At first Jac thought he was limping from some sort of injury but then we realised he was missing a back leg. He was so friendly, sociable and affectionate and was just bursting to come over and say hi. The other three cats’ owner came to see what we were doing (of course, she could see right away we just love cats and were giving them a pat). She told us the three-legged cat belongs to her neighbour, and all four cats are great friends and like to hang out all day together; he lost his leg after being run over. We didn’t quite catch the names of all the other cats, but one of them is a fluffy ginger boy named Garfield, who was also very friendly. Garfield and the grey boy rolled around the ground and rubbed all over our legs and hands. They were so cute. We reluctantly said good-bye, as we had to keep walking. But I’ve memorised the address so we can visit again another day.

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