Curry Fest

My folks got home from their holiday yesterday arvo, and the family got together for an inpromptu curry fest dinner, cooked by my very talented younger sister Juji.

Juji served the curries with lemon rice. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef book, and is also featured in Season 3 of the Naked Chef TV series, in the episode called “Curry Fest”. The rice is basmati, flavoured with lemon zest, lemon juice and curry leaves.

Lemon rice

Curry #1 was chicken tikka masala. Mmmmmmm…

Chicken tikka masala

Curry #2 was beef. It was mainly for Dad, who doesn’t really like chicken, but we all had some.

Beef curry

Curry #3 was chickpea with tomato. I really love cooked tomato, all sweet and soft. I especially love tomatoes in curries. I love chickpeas. This one was a definite winner!

Chickpea and tomato curry

Of course, we always have a token vegetable dish. In this case, it was steamed green beans, broccoli and snowpeas. They were just lightly seasoned, no butter necessary. They went perfectly with the curries.

Steamed vegetables

My plate. We also had pappadums and corn on the cob (not pictured). It was a delicious meal. Not surprisingly, I had a couple of rounds.

My plate

Dessert was tiramisu, also made by Juji. She used the recipe that was on the back of the packet of sponge fingers. The top is cream cheese. The Kahlua had thoroughly soaked the bottom layer of sponge, and it was mighty good.


I really just want to have a proper rest – the week leading up to Christmas was so hectic (and the week before I was sick), and with all the socialising at Christmas and the last couple of days I don’t feel like I’ve had a break at all. This afternoon we are doing laundry and cleaning house. Rest still eludes me. Grrr, maybe tomorrow!

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