Japanese chicken rice from Hans Cafe

The chronology of these posts is probably a little wonky. Oh well. I’m sure it’s the food piccies that you are most interested in, not the order in which I consumed the food items. Another recent shopping excursion saw me having a quiet lunch at Hans Cafe, to escape the madness of the shopping centre food hall (too many prams and screaming children clutching Happy Meal Toys). I had the Japanese chicken rice (AU$7.50). I don’t know about its authencity as a Japanese chicken dish, but it’s really good. The chicken comes in a thick, syrupy sauce that I love to pour over and mix into the rice. It’s a deliciously drinkable sauce. The dark pool of sauce is no more when I am finished. The cabbage and carrot are lightly pickled; their sourness is a lovely contrast to the sweet sweet chicken sauce. The table I was sitting at had terrible light, hence the strangely bright flashed photo. Hans also have a Japanese fish rice dish which is yummy too- the fish is deepfried until crispy on the outside and served with more of that yummy sauce.

Japanese chicken rice

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