Jac’s birthday, Part 2

The condiments. Behind the menu there is a big-ass bottle of malt vinegar.


We shared a small plate of chips.


Jac is very partial to offal, and so she ordered liver ‘n’ bacon with veggies (AU$11.50). The only organ I eat is skin. Anyway, Jac said her dish was very good.

Liver 'n' bacon with veggies

I ordered toad in the hole (AU$10.95), but they said they were “all out of toads”… they offered me their “toad substitute” – a giant yorkshire pudding shaped like a dish with the pork sausages, veggies, mashed potato and gravy in it. I thought it was really delicious! The pudding dish was rubbery to cut and soggy in the middle from soaking up the gravy (the texture and sogginess wasn’t a problem, I’m just describing it), but it was really really tasty. It was huge and although I tried really hard I had to leave some of the pudding dish behind. I was just soooo full. The pork sausages had a yummy saltiness to them (but not too salty). I probably could’ve done with a smaller pudding dish but another sausage. Hehehe.

Toad substitute

A slightly closer shot, which gives a closer look at the pudding texture.

Toad substitute

The Britannia Coffee Lounge & Restaurant is located at 1240 Albany Highway, Cannington. Opening hours are Mon, Tues 6am to 5pm, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat 6am to 9pm, and Sunday 8am to 3pm. It’s a basic, bustling diner atmosphere, with wonderful smells and sounds of cooking from the open kitchen. They do breakfast fry-ups all day, hamburgers, and fish and chips for the less adventurous diners. Definitely worth a visit for some hearty, homecooked British fare. We plan to return some time soon.

More on Jac’s birthday, coming up next.

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