Jac’s birthday, Part 1

It was Jac’s 40th birthday yesterday. We both took the day off work.

We went to the Britannia Coffee Lounge & Restaurant for lunch. We’ve been meaning to check it out for some time, and yesterday was the perfect opportunity. The Britannia serves British meals and sells a variety of British pies, meat products and groceries. The minute we walked in we were greeted by the delicious smell of frying meat and onions. I asked the lady who took our order if she’d mind if I took some photos. She told me to take as many photos as I liked. I just knew I would love this place!

Britannia Coffee Lounge & Restaurant

You can order any of the pies they have on display served with chips, mushy peas, or vegies. Their menu has the magic words “ANY VARIATION CATERED FOR”, which is really great! They also have a pie floater on the menu, which I thought was more of an Australian thing, but it doesn’t matter to me!

Pies on display

More pies!

More pies on display

And of course, the famous British pork pie. I remember the first time I ate a real English pork pie I was kind of disconcerted by the jelly in it. That was at least ten years ago. I might give the pork pie another try, now that I know what to expect.

Pork pies

You can buy roast pork, roast beef, gammon, haslet and scotch eggs. I made scotch eggs in home economics in high school (the subject was called Food and Nutrition, or as we shortened it, Food and Nut), and my family took a great liking to them and cooked them quite a number of times after that (high-protein and deep fried, what can I say?!).

Roast pork, roast beef, gammon, haslet and scotch eggs

And of course, Britannia sells haggis, white pudding, black pudding and faggots. They have faggots ‘n’ chips or mash on the menu, as well as black pudding or white pudding and chips and haggis, neeps (mashed turnips) and mash.

Haggis, faggots, black pudding, white pudding

More sausage and meat products, from the “English style plain pork sausage” to the snail-shaped Cumberland sausage and the “square slice” you see here. There’s a square sausage sandwich on the menu, which I plan to try sometime. I must’ve looked like such a tourist, taking all these photos! (Actually, seeing as I’ve never been to Britain, I was a tourist!)

More sausage and meat products

I liked the look of that bread and butter pudding, but we were too full from our lunch to squeeze sweets in. Next time I must approach it with careful planning, like I do on Christmas day.

Bread puddings

All around the dining area are shelves of British grocery products for sale.

British products for sale

There were many more shelves of things, including lots of lollies. But I began feeling a little self-conscious about taking so many pictures. But you get the idea of what was there. :)

More British products for sale

I took these photos while we were waiting for our food. The two old English blokes sitting at the table next to us made jokes about one of their shiny bald heads (their words, not mine!) wrecking my photos. But what did we have for lunch? It’s coming up, I promise!

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