Mama’s birthday 2006, the savoury

Mama is my paternal grandmother. We celebrated her birthday (actually, I don’t know how old she is) with dinner at my parents’ house.

Mum cooked three spring chickens in the turbo broiler. The meat fell off the bone, and the skin was delicious.


Mum also made char siu (chinese barbecue pork). According to Mum, she left the belly pork in the fridge for five days marinating, and then popped it into freezer for another week. The char siu was the BEST ever (I’m not exaggerating!). The meat was beautifully tender and succulent and the flavour of it was amazing.

Char siu

Of course, we had a token vegetable dish. This time it was stir-fried carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, baby corn and champignons.


Mum placed a plate full of little foil-wrapped parcels on the table. Inside each parcel was a piece of herring, sitting on a ginger leaf, and marinated with chilli sauce. The fish was caught by my dad.


And of course, a view of my plate.

My plate

Sweet post coming up next.

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