Mama’s birthday 2006, the sweet

For sweets, a big fruit platter was served, featuring grapes, rockmelon, mango, and nectarines.

Fruit platter

My sister-in-law made the birthday cake using a special recipe for diabetics (Mama is diabetic). There is no sugar in the recipe. There’s a spoonful of honey and some apricot nectar added, and of course, the sweetness provided by the fruit. There’s no butter or oil used. Edit: I’ve emailed my sister-in-law and asked for the recipe, which I will post here.

Birthday cake

My grandma loved the cake. She had two pieces, which is a lot for her. I liked it too but found it very rich (plus, I was very full from two rounds of chicken and vegies and eating some of Jac’s rice which she couldn’t finish) and so I could only manage the piece pictured below.


Family and friends may also see people pictures from the birthday dinner at Flickr. Next weekend there will be another family feast, as we celebrate Chinese New Year.

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