Meme: My Ten Favourite Foods

Mzn tagged me for this meme back in December, and somehow I missed it (oooops!). So this is a rather belated response… my top ten favourite foods in no particular order (only ten?!) As you’ll see, I’ve cheated a little and packed as much as possible within ten categories.

Lotus root soup. This is my favourite soup of all time, I’ve loved it ever since I was a child. I love the taste and especially the texture of the lotus root in soup. I’m too lazy too make the soup myself, so I only have it when Mum makes it.

Rice. I love rice. I must eat rice a few times every week. We buy a 15kg bag from the asian supermarket and store it in Maxwell House coffee glass jars. My favourite rice dishes include: Hainanese chicken rice, which can be bought here or here, or made by my mum. This rice is just so tasty. It’s been cooked with garlic and chicken stock. It’s so good I can eat it on its own, without the chicken. I love drizzling extra soy sauce all over the rice, and smearing the chicken and cucumber all over with the gingery chilli sauce…and of course, recently I’ve become addicted to bus station fried rice, my current favourite breakfast for $3.00. But sometimes the best way to have rice is steamed and plain with some sort of protein and green vegetables.

Noodles. I love noodles of all kinds, even instant noodles. Here are just some of my favourite noodle dishes: Char kway teow, hokkien mee from our local shopping centre food hall, wantan mee dry style from our favourite asian food hall, my older sister’s fried noodles, Mum’s char kway teow and my own quick and easy (i.e. lazy) homecooked variations such as a rice noodle stir-fry or easy peasy instant noodles.

SPAM, the pink tinned meat. My favourite way to eat it is sliced and fried with egg, and served with rice and baked beans. Sometimes I just fry it sliced and serve it with rice and fried green vegetables. It’s also great in fried rice, and a pasta stir-fry.

Junk food. I love McDonald’s Big Breakfast, Hungry Jack’s Whopper Meal, and pizza, especially Domino’s Meatmaster with thin ‘n’ crispy crust. And of course, you guys know by now how much I love my pies for breakfast. I try not to eat too much junk food… I wouldn’t say I eat junk frequently, but I’d have to say I do regularly. I’ll try to take a photo of some KFC sometime soon in your honour, CherryRipe.

Chicken. Chicken is my favourite meat, with pork a close second. There are so many ways I love eating chicken, which include my chicken dish with no name, Nando’s thigh pack with chips, chicken teriyaki, chicken karaage with bbq sauce and mayonaise, glutinous chicken rice, any sort of chicken burger, oh, and my Mum’s homemade ginger chicken.

Green beans, whether in fried rice, stir-fried pasta, stir-fried vegetables or as a side vegetable. I love the crunchy texture of them. They should be cooked enough to still have that crunch, but not the raw, green taste.

Pork actually gets two mentions, as SPAM is technically supposed to be made from pork. I love barbecue pork and char siu in a combination with rice, pork mince in fried rice and minchee (of course!).

Tofu… but not when it resembles tasteless, wet white rubber. It’s got to be something like yong tau foo, ma po tofu or garlic tofu in a stir-fry.

Scrambled eggs. Mmmm. When I make them I like them quite soft. The only time I tolerate rubbery eggs is as part of a McDonald’s Big Breakfast. If I eat a cooked breakfast at a cafe, I always choose scrambled eggs if they’re on the menu.

Durian would have made the official ten, but I haven’t got a picture of durian. The closest thing I have is this cake, made by Mum and Juji, which was layers of sponge with durian in the cream between the sponge layers and durian in the cream that covered the entire cake. Mmmmmmmm. I had the idea of making durian muffins aaages ago, but haven’t had a chance yet. Stay tuned.

Just as with the previous meme, I won’t tag anyone in particular. If you feel inclined to write about your top ten foods, please do so!

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