Pizza, just before I go to bed.

Just before I get ready for bedtime, here’s a photo of the pizza we had last night. The first was BBQ chicken and bacon pizza from Dominos. 22/01/2006. The toppings for this pizza are Dominos’ famous BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, seasoned chicken, Don smoked bacon and onion. This was the first time we tried this particular pizza. We usually order two large pizzas, one with BBQ sauce and another with tomato sauce. Our favourite BBQ sauce pizza has been the Meatmaster, but this BBQ chicken and bacon one was really, really delicious. I loved that there was a lot of chicken and bacon, and they were really chunky pieces, and of course that BBQ sauce is sooooo good. Jac has become a fan of thin ‘n’ crispy crust, which suits me just fine. I do love the Meatmaster’s meatballs, so maybe next time we’ll have to order two BBQ sauce pizzas (Meatmaster and BBQ Chicken and Bacon).

BBQ chicken and bacon pizza

Because we are creatures of habit, our second pizza was the good old Godfather, which is topped with tomato herb sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bacon, fresh & sun-dried tomatoes, capsicum, mediterranean style olives, oregano and garlic. We ordered it with thin ‘n’ crispy crust as well, and only half with olives (I am anti-olive – it’s just their taste I don’t like). I really shouldn’t eat pizza – besides that it’s sooooo bad, I get all blocked up with a phlegmy head the next day (it was not nice waking up this morning).

The Godfather

The top temperature forecast for tomorrow is a hot 37 degrees Celsius, which Google calculator tells me is equivalent to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I plan to be at uni tomorrow, in the air-conditioned office. I’ll try to post more later this week, but I really have a lot of crap to do (I may give details later). In the past couple of months I’ve developed a bad habit: I’ve been writing and saving draft posts in WordPress but haven’t gone back to finish them. I do plan to try to finish and post those drafts, otherwise just delete them and start over. WordPress is beginning to resemble my study: cluttered.

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