Three meals

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

I have a number of things to get done today, so this will be short-ish … Here are some food pics so you don’t lose interest completely in this site! Lunch, 24/01/2006. Having had pizza so recently I resisted going with what I really felt like, which was a hamburger and chips. Instead, I had chicken noodle soup, which consisted of egg noodles, sliced chicken, fish balls, bean sprouts and choy sam in a big bowl of broth. I poured a little soy sauce over the top. The soup was really tasty, everything was tasty. And guilt-free too! Hmmm, the only other thing I would’ve liked was some fried shallots sprinkled over the top – that would have been perfect.

Chicken noodle soup

Dinner that night was teriyaki and ginger chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. Jac had the chicken marinating in the freezer for some time, just in teriyaki and soy sauce. She thawed it out and fried it up in the wok with some sliced mushrooms, onion and ginger. The vegetables (bok choy and green beans) were just steamed. Simple but delicious.

Teriyaki and ginger chicken with steamed vegetables and rice

Lunch yesterday was char kway teow, which I have at least once a week. This time it was a little different – no bean sprouts (I presume they’d run out), but instead, fried cabbage – YUM! I love fried cabbage. I wouldn’t mind if they cooked the dish with cabbage all the time, even though strictly speaking that’s not how it should be done.

Char kway teow with cabbage

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