Chicken laksa

Today I had chicken laksa for lunch. Laksa’s not one of my favourite dishes like chicken rice or char kway teow, but I thought you guys would like a photo of something new :). When I tasted that curry soup, I was so glad I’d ordered it – it was BLOODY DELICIOUS! It was spicy, but not blow-your-head-off hot (thank goodness!). Probably laksa fiends would prefer it to be hotter. There were LOTS of noodles in the soup – egg noodles and beehoon (rice noodles), as well as chicken, bean sprouts and fried tofu that soaked up the soup like sponges (tasty, pleasantly squelchy sponges). The curry soup was very rich – I couldn’t actually drink it all. I did spend some time fishing around for every bit of chicken and beansprout though. It’s a big bowl, for only $5.80. I’ll definitely add this to the rotation list of favourite dishes to have for lunch. Not surprisingly, I was in a napping mood after eating this.

Chicken laksa

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