This was Jac’s double chocolate donut from Donut King, purchased and consumed this morning.

Double chocolate donut

I asked Jac if I could take a photo of the donut after her first bite (for submission to this group at Flickr). She took a big bite right away, I took the photo and an old couple at the table next to ours stared and stared at me (not surprisingly, this happens a lot!). Jac was a little disappointed with the donut – it wasn’t really as chocolately as it appeared – the donut was too “cakey” for her liking.

After the first bite

Well, late on Friday afternoon I was offered a tutoring job for this semester. I’ll be tutoring two classes a week, starting next week. Although it’s the same unit as last year, I won’t be able to re-use most of my notes/lesson plans – the unit co-ordinator decided to change three-quarters of the course, and even for the topics that have remained the same, he’s changed all the readings! Grrrrrr. After all my efforts to get tutoring work, I was actually tempted not to do it after all (as many of you know, it is supposed to be my final year of PhD), but 1) I really enjoy tutoring, 2) it’s good for the CV, 3) my supervisor has great faith in my tutoring/thesis juggling abilities and has encouraged me to do it, and lastly, 4) we can really use the extra money.

Right now Jac is babysitting Savannah and her brother Max, over at their house. I’ve been reading articles (zzzzz) and doing tutorial prep work (ZZZZZZZZ). I dusted the lounge and cleaned the toilet this afternoon. Tomorrow, we have Jac’s friends coming over for a party meeting and pizza dinner.

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