I love KFC

This post is dedicated to all those KFC lovers out there, especially you secret KFC lovers. Recently, Jac bought us KFC for lunch via drive-thru and we ate it at home watching Magnum P. I. on dvd. What could be better than sitting in my comfy sarong and singlet, stuffing my face with KFC and with the sights and sounds of Hawaii in the 1980s (bright sunshine and the crashing of ocean waves )? This is the top of the box bursting with chicken inside.

A box bursting with KFC

Jac’s Hot and Spicy chicken:

Hot and Spicy KFC

My Original (always Original!) Recipe chicken:

Original Recipe KFC

We got a big tub of Potato and Gravy with our meal. I love dipping my chips into it. The chips were soggy, which was a shame, as fresh KFC chips are just beautiful. I just drowned them in gravy more to hide their sogginess.

KFC Chips and Gravy

The next day I made us KFC rolls for lunch. Very simple – I remove the meat and skin from the bones then mix with a generous amount of mayonaise (I used baby mayo), a teaspoon of mustard (I like French or Australian) and plenty of cracked black pepper. This is put into sandwiches or bread rolls with fresh lettuce. YUM. Another variation I like is sandwiches made with KFC meat and skin mixed with mayonaise, tomato ketchup and cracked black pepper. Mmmmmmm.

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