An old poem

Flicking through my old diaries tonight which I wrote in from age 15 to 17, I found this poem that I wrote at 2:01 am on the 19th January 1992 (I was 16). I’ve just typed it out as it appears in the diary, unedited.

Lonely so lonely
drag me out to the desert
leave me in the
company of cacti and scorpions
wriggling in my shoes…
maybe then I won’t
remember you.
Lonely so lonely
put me on a shuttle to the moon
leave me on that piece of rock
or cheese
in the company of
moon dust and American flags
…maybe then you’ll
escape my mind.
Lonely so lonely
I don’t care what is done
I’m so lonely I’m not having fun
I hate merrygorounds
they make me dizzy
I hate coconut shys
I think of your hair
I hate slides
they hurt my bottom
I want to get you out
of my mind but my
mind is unkind.
Lonely so lonely
you have the face of an angel
I’m half in love
with you
and I don’t know
what to do
help me I’m lonely
throw me away to
the wolves.


Ain’t unrequited love grand depressing?

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