Zap! Pow! Zowie! (Heh)

For breakfast yesterday I had a big pao/pow (how the hell is it spelled anyway?!), bought from our favourite asian food hall. Regular readers/viewers of this site will be well aware how much I love a savoury, hot breakfast.

Big pao

I took it out of the fridge (it was purchased the night before) and zapped it in the microwave. Zapping pao in the microwave has to be done carefully – if you overzap (too much power or too long) the outside will dry out and taste terrible (as microwave disasters usually do). I’m still not 100% knowledgeable about our microwave’s powers (remember, I bought the microwave back in November when Jac was away?), and so I zapped it in short bursts on Medium High. Here it is, split open for your viewing pleasure. It’s full of chicken, with a couple of chunks of hard-boiled egg. Bloody beautiful. The place we get the pao from also does a few different varieties of small pao – red bean paste, lotus paste and char siu (bbq pork). I love the red bean and bbq pork ones too, but I have to eat multiples of those to feel satisfied (whereas one big pao is sufficient for a meal).

Big pao split open for your viewing pleasure

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