Friday night roast dinner

Tonight, Jac cooked a roast beef dinner. It was so lovely to come home, all brainfried, hungry and exhausted, to a house of delicious roasting smells (oh, and of course with my lovely partner in the house).

The beef was very nice – Jac had rolled it in herbs and garlic, and I poured gravy all over it – but the roasted vegetables were the highlight for me. There was butternut pumpkin, sweet potatoes, really weeny sweet carrots, zucchini, whole onions, and really crispy roasted potatoes. There was also cabbage, peas and (at around the one o’clock position on the plate, really yummy Yorkshire pudding! Jac cooked it in a small round cake tin, making one big pudding (I did ask if she’d cook individual puddings in the muffin tray like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, but the single pudding she produced was so delicious it didn’t really matter – in fact, after I had my dinner I ate another piece of warm pudding with maple syrup for dessert).

Roast dinner

As a couple of you really liked the quartet of images thang I did with last Friday’s dinner, let’s go around the plate again, and then look at it all from a slightly different angle… (Click on the individual pics if you want to see bigger versions)

Roast potatoes  Whole roasted onion, butternut pumpkin  Peas, cabbage, Yorkshire pudding, zucchini, sweet potato  And from a different angle

It was very tasty. I am very full now.

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