More weekend junky food

We went to the shops on Saturday morning so I could check my PO Box and withdraw money from an ATM. We decided to have a junky breakfast. Jac opted for a pie and chips from Jesters Pies. The hot chips at this particular Jesters are really good as they tend to cook them to order, so you get them really fresh, piping hot and crisp. They have three kinds of salt for you to choose from: plain salt, chicken salt and garlic salt. The chicken salt and garlic salt are hell saltifying (I made that word up – it means mega salty), but are sooooo good on hot chips. Jac chose to have garlic salt on her chips.

Hot chips with garlic salt

Jac chose the Footy Pie, which is filled with chunky steak and mushrooms, and topped with bacon and tasty cheese. I love Jesters Pies – I love that the pastry isn’t typical flaky puff pastry – it’s more chewy (I tend to go for the chewy version of things – I prefer chewy cookies to the crunchy or crumbly kind anyday, for example – are you into chewy or crunchy?). My favourite Jesters is the Pavarotti, which is filled with skin-free chicken with bacon and button mushrooms in a light cheese sauce.

Footy Pie

See the gooey cheese on the right?

Footy Pie innards

While Jac tucked into her pie, I went with good old McDonald’s and got myself a Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffin

One bite in...  Three bites in...

Yeah, I know it’s bad to eat junk food. But it tastes good.

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