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Those of you who’ve read my previous site(s) will know I used to have a gameboy camera gallery site. I’ve been meaning to resurrect it for sometime but as with so many projects, I just haven’t found the time. I haven’t taken any new photos for a while because 1) my Camera to PC cable (for transferring the photos to the computer) only works on a pc running Windows 95 or 98, and while I do have an old box that does that, I ran out of space in this room a long time ago and 2) obviously, my interest has turned to food pics. And also it is very tricky carrying around a digital camera and a gameboy camera, let me tell you!

Anyway, I’ve begun to upload the old pictures to my Flickr site. Not sure what I will do with them from here on, but I thought you might like to take a look. I’ve only uploaded about a third of them so far. Some you will have seen them on the old gallery site. Some of you who have only known me as tfp will have never seen them. Some of the photos have been seen by no one before as they have never been published before. Pics of me are family and friends only for the timebeing. Usually family pics are private too, but seeing as these gameboy camera photos of family members were once publically viewable on the gameboy camera gallery site, I’ve left them as public again. If any of you in the photos object, let me know.

Check them out here.

Still to come, photos from my Mum’s birthday 2001 (done!), Chinese New Year 2003 (done!), our Queensland holiday of September 2001 (done!) and more!

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