Jac’s Sunday Arvo Cooking Session

It’s really great when Jac is in a cooking mood. As I sat in my study cataloguing books (I’m up to 690 so far), she got busy cooking up all sorts of yummy things.

She made a big pan of fried rice (here you can see it has green beans, carrots, baby corn and ham in it; later on she added pieces of omelette and fried sliced chinese sausage). I’ll be having some for my breakfast tomorrow morning! I’d love some right now, but that would be just too greedy.

Fried rice

She made moussaka as promised. Here it is, piping hot from the oven.


Jac’s had a hankering for cauliflower cheese, and since she was making white sauce for the moussaka anyway and there was cauliflower in the fridge, she made up a batch of cauliflower cheese. She didn’t refer to any recipes – these are all dishes she can just about make on autopilot.

Cauliflower cheese

So for dinner, we had some moussaka, cauliflower cheese, salad (not pictured) and corn on the cob. A good and hearty home cooked meal after all that Macca’s this morning! It was really delicious, and I’m very full and happy right now.


Cauliflower cheese and corn

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