So bad but so good!

We went for a walk this morning and stopped by McDonald’s for brunch. We got there around 10:40am and the breakfast menu was over, so I had a Medium McChicken Value Meal with a Diet Coke, and Jac had a Double Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger with an Iced Coffee Shake.


Here’s the Double Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger before the first bite.

Double Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger before the first bite

I had the flash set to auto on the camera, and in some shots, the camera decided the flash wasn’t necessary. This is one example.

Double Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger after the first bite

One really good thing about the Cheeseburger is how it fits nicely into one hand without bits spilling everywhere. Note the thumb imprint in the last bit of burger bun.

The thumb imprint

My McChicken. I love Cheeseburger buns because they don’t have sesame seeds, but I love the McChicken bun because it’s not as bready – it’s quite a rubbery and chewy bun, which I really like. I suppose some people would find that rubbery, chewy bun texture off-putting.


My McChicken had a generous amount of sauce in it, which oozed out after my first bite.

McChicken, bitten

After finishing her burger, Jac still felt hungry and so she got a 10-pack of McNuggets, which we shared.

McNugget box

I do wish they still had dark meat McNuggets. But I like these breast ones anyway. For those interested, extra burger and nugget innard shots are available at my Flickr site.


We stopped by Bunnings so that Jac could buy some hose joiner bits (don’t ask – I know nothing about hoses). We also went to the greengrocer/general store where we bought a bag of salted cashew nuts. Jac has been craving nut snacks for the past few days. Last night she was craving nuts but we didn’t have any and so she had some microwave popcorn (butter flavoured) instead. I’m sure you’ll agree that popcorn is a yummy savoury snack but not a substitute for nuts, especially when you’ve been specifically craving nuts. When we got home I felt guilty for having that junk food lunch, so I got on the Aerofit and exercised for 40 mins while watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

Right now, Jac is busy cooking. She’s cooked up a big pan of fried rice, a casserole dish of moussaka and I think some cauliflower cheese. The house smells great. Right now, she is frying up the chinese sausage to add to the fried rice. Time to take the camera to the kitchen in search of stuff to photograph. Or maybe it’s time to have a small bowl of freshly cooked fried rice.

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