Another meat pie

Breakfast yesterday was a chunky steak pie from Aroma. I’m not really that keen on beef (whenever I go out I tend to order chicken or fish or pork – I’m just not really a red meat person), but I get a craving for a beefy meat pie once in a while. This pie was full of chunky steak and delicious gravy. Tomato sauce was not necessary as the pie filling was very flavoursome. It was a beautiful savoury hot breakfast with a cup of tea, sitting by myself in the office at 7:42am.

Chunky steak pie innards

My favourite part of my day at uni is first thing in the morning, having my breakfast at my desk when no one else is in. Lately, I’ve been getting irritated with shared office life. I can’t even have a conversation with MK without someone else butting in. Even when we are obviously speaking to each other and no one else with our voices lowered, talking about something that clearly concerns just us and not the rest of the office (not necessarily private but not anyone else’s business), interested parties always try to muscle in (obviously, MK and I have very interesting conversations!). I might write more about this later, I haven’t decided. There’s a bitchy rant trying to push itself out and at the moment, but I am resisting.

I’ve had a lovely day out with Jac today. The post is coming up soon. I have to start baking my triple chocolate mini muffins shortly too, as I’ll be bringing a big batch in for the last class of semester. Hope my students enjoy them as much as last year’s did.

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