Suit and boots

I played dress-ups this evening before my burritos dinner. I put on my suit and the boots Jac bought yesterday. Even though they are definitely too big for me, they look really good! I walked around the house and showed Jac. She loves me in the brown suit (it almost has magical powers like Zoe’s shirt of 2+ cuteness) – I bought it at a boutique called Picnic maybe 5 or so years ago. It’s easily the most expensive clothing item I own; I can’t remember the exact price, but it was $320+ which is a lot for me to spend on clothes. I’m usually a Bonds t-shirt kind of gal!

After wearing the suit only once to a wedding, I got my job at Telstra and ended up putting on quite a bit of weight – I wasn’t able to fit into the suit for a couple of years. Before that job, when Jac and I met I was working full-time in hospitality and worked on my feet all day. I could eat like a horse at all hours, not do any exercise and not put on any weight. Unfortunately for me, sitting at a desk all day working for Telstra, still eating like a horse and not doing any exercise was a bad combination. I wouldn’t say I got really fat, but I was definitely visibly overweight. The photo on my proof of age card was taken during that time. I should get a new card made with a more recent photo, because it doesn’t look much like me any more.

It was the biggest thrill for me when I lost weight a few years ago, realising that I once again fitted into my suit. I’ll write more about my road to weight loss (and how I keep it off now while being the food pornographer!) another time, as I have to get ready for bed now. But for now (especially for you, ym), here are a couple of pictures of the boots:


The photos are from the Colorado site. The Colorado online store uses Javascript for the navigation and I wasn’t able to link directly to the page the boots were on.

Jac will be dropping my suit off for drycleaning tomorrow, while I’m at uni for the last week of classes for the semester! YAY! If I have the time tomorrow, I might leave uni early and have a look for some shoes/boots in town. But only if nothing comes up to keep me busy and on campus. (Maybe just writing that has jinxed me!)

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