Bangers and mash

Lamb sausages (drizzled with smokey barbeque sauce), mashed potato (with mushroom gravy on half of it), carrots and peas.

Sausages, mash, carrots and peas

I’m sooooooo tired. I’m really regretting taking on the tutoring this semester. It seemed so much easier juggling thesis and teaching last year. My current chapter won’t be finished by Thursday, which is when I’m meeting my supervisor and when I’d planned to have it done by. It’s not a huge deal, as I’m not significantly behind schedule and she won’t be upset with me or anything like that, but I really wanted it to be done by then. But a book I requested via inter-library loan has finally come in and I’m trying to suck the goodness out of it and include relevant material in the chapter. There’s a troublesome section in the chapter I might completely chop out because I’m now beginning to think while it’s interesting perhaps it doesn’t actually belong there.

As I work, I keep getting sidetracked.

1) I keep feeling hungry or thirsty. I get really hungry when I’m working on the thesis. Jac says I feel hungry all the time because thinking uses up a lot of energy. And so I eat or have a cuppa. Then I have to pee. When I’m at uni I have to trek to the toilet downstairs or right at the end of the social sciences wing. If I’m at home I go to the toilet and have a conversation with the cats, who sit in there with me.

2) I keep looking at the piles of books on the floor that are just screaming to be catalogued.

3) I’m also resisting the temptation to check the diary reports on the Big Brother website . It is much easier to resist this when I am working on campus rather than at home. Although I would never waste my money on voting and I really don’t care who gets evicted or eventually wins, I find it interesting to read about what’s happening in the house. To me, it’s like reading another blog (albeit about seriously show ponyish people – let’s face it, if you don’t mind having showers on TV you have to be a show pony!).

4) I keep wishing I could just be idle. Maybe have another Tom Cruise or Elvis movie marathon, have a nap, or go out for coffee (or a savoury snack). But there’s no time to be idle. Or, put another way, there’s no time to be idle with guilt. Or yet another way, there’s no time to be idle without suffering later. The stuff that needs to be done just sits there waiting (and it seems sometimes, smirking).

Besides the chapter, I also have a new pile of assignments to mark, next week’s readings to do, and next week’s lesson to plan. It’s not even 9:15 but I think I’ll start getting ready for bed. Gotta be full of beans on a teaching day (heh – maybe not!).

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