Mid-week dinner

This was dinner on Wednesday night. Jac made a potato bake, with lots of onions, a little bit of cheese and a teensy bit of soy milk.

Potato bake

She served the potato bake with shark filets, flavoured with herbs, loads of garlic and butter, and baked in the oven wrapped in foil. She baked me a tomato and a green chilli-shaped pepper thing in the oven at the same time. This was all served with steamed vegetables.

My loaded plate

Both tomato and green chilli-shaped pepper turned out lovely and sweet. The baked fish was just beautiful. I dipped chunks of it into the pool of melted garlicky butter at the bottom of the foil. Mmmm, I hope she cooks fish this way again.

Potato bake  Baked tomato and green pepper thingy  Steamed vegetables  Baked fish with garlic, herbs and butter

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