Breakfast at the office

I meant to post this earlier but got busy and sidetracked (nothing new there). On the same evening that she cooked the alfoil-wrapped fish and potato bake, Jac also panfried a couple of chicken thighs, simply rubbed with salt and pepper, for making sandwiches with. Unfortunately, as the chicken was frying I poked around the kitchen and discovered we were out of bread. So the next morning, I packed up a cooked and sliced chicken thigh and some cucumber in a lunch box and bought a buttered roll from the bakery at the train station on my way to work. When I got to the office, I zapped the chicken in the microwave and then assembled my hot chicken and cucumber roll for my breakfast. Washed down with a V8 Citrus Splash juice (100% juice of carrot, apple and oramge, really yummy), it was a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast at the office

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