Pizza brunch and the curse of the small-footed woman

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“Lesbianism: Double your wardrobe and double your shoe-shopping competition”.

Jac has the next week off, so she’s in a very good mood. She hopes to potter around the house and garden, relax and watch dvds on the couch (no doubt snuggled up with the cats), take her nephew Max out bike riding and go clothes shopping. She might even come out to uni one of the days and have lunch with me – though I won’t be surprised if she runs out of time, with all the stuff she’s hoping to do.

Our community newspaper has this competition every month, where you can win $100 to spend with one of the tradespeople who advertises in the classifieds page. Sometime ago I won us a $100, and we’ve chosen to have an electrician come over and do some work around the house. And since Jac will be home next week, he’ll be coming over on Tuesday to install the exhaust fan in the bathroom and fix a couple of things. The main thing that needs fixing is the bedroom ceiling light, which has not worked for (gulp) a couple of years. Yes, I’m serious, and semi-ashamed. But we just get so busy that stuff gets put aside and forgotten. We’re very adaptable, and adjusted very easily to having no ceiling light; we just use our bedroom lamps or open the curtains when we need light. But I’m really pleased that we’ll have a bedroom ceiling light again after Tuesday. Jac deals with the tradespeople*; they tend to think I’m the foreign exchange student (they never think I’m one of the homeowners**! Heh. It’s just easier to have her deal with them).

We went to the shops today, to do the grocery shopping, have brunch and look for clothes. I went to the doctor first (nothing noteworthy worth mentioning) and left Jac at the shops. We’ve got my honours supervisor’s book launch to attend this coming Friday, and a wedding to go to in July. I will probably wear my chocolate brown pant suit to the book launch, but I’d like new shoes or boots. I have no idea what I will wear for the wedding (I figure it’s in July, I have some time to think about it and look for something). Jac needs new clothes and shoes, period. Jac said while I was at the doctor’s she would look around for clothes. I asked her to keep her eye out for a pair of black boots for me, suggesting she have a look in Colorado. I’d send her a text message and meet up with her when I was finished at the doctor’s.

When I got to the shops it was close to 10:20am, and as all we’d consumed for the morning was fruit juice (this morning we juiced up watermelon and apples) we had to have brunch before we did anything else – we were both absolutely starving.

We decided to split a BBQ meatlover’s pizza from this new pizza place in the food hall. It sells mini pizzas (6 slices per pizza, perfect to share for a light meal or substantial snack). The BBQ meatlover’s pizza was $6.90. We were tempted to try the garlic prawn one ($7.90), but Jac decided she didn’t feel like garlic so early in the day (I would’ve been perfectly happy with garlic, as you’ve probably guessed!).

I thought the pizza was a little too cheesy to disguise a lack of meat toppings, but as it turned out each mouthful I took had meat in it, which was really good.

BBQ meatlover's pizza

Jac loves cheese, so she was very happy with the oozy cheesiness of the pizza. See the ooziness?

Oooozy cheese

There was pepperoni, ham and ground beef on the pizza, as well as the cheese and lots of barbecue sauce. The pizza base was good too – not crispy like thin and crispy crust, but not as bready as deep pan crust. And the pizza was really fresh. I probably could’ve eaten the whole pizza myself.

A slice of pizza

As we ate, Jac told me she’d found me a pair of really nice boots at Colorado, and so as soon as we’d demolished the pizza we went to check them out. They were the only style of boot I liked in the whole shop – the other boots on display either had heels that were way too high or were really tall fsck-me boots, which are really not me! I asked if I could try them in size 6 but damn damn, DAMN, they didn’t have 6, the closest was size 7. I tried them in the 7 anyway, and although they were lovely and soft and generally comfortable they felt just too roomy when I walked around the shop in them. I really hate shoe shopping (any shoes – dressy, sneakers, whatever) because almost every time I find a pair I like (which isn’t often – I’m very fussy and don’t own many pairs of shoes at all – and I have to really like shoes before I buy them) I get told that there are none in my size. A shoe saleswoman once told me the small sizes (4, 5, 6) sell out the fastest and as a result people with small feet often find it difficult to find shoes in their size, to which I asked, “Why don’t shoe shops stock more pairs in the small sizes then?” She had no answer to that. I guess she just sold shoes and wasn’t personally responsible for ordering stock.

I regretfully pulled the boots off and was ready to slip my sneakers back on and get out of the store, but then Jac said, “Hey, could I try those on?” She’s a size 7. And guess what?

Yep, they fit her perfectly and she really liked them. And so she ended up buying them for herself! Colorado had a special of 30% off boots, and so they cost $104.95 rather than the original price of $149.95.

EDIT: Someone emailed after looking at the Colorado website and asked if the boots were the brown ones or the black ones. Black, of course! Always black!

Of course, I am happy she found boots she liked, and they look really good on her. And she did ask if I minded if she bought them. I could’ve said “No, I want to see if I can get them in another Colorado store”, but she was smiling and looked so happy and keen and so chuffed with the boots (and as I’ve said before, they really did look good on her) that I just couldn’t say no. But *sigh* damn damn DAMN my small feet!

*The things I do include: ringing up to order home delivery pizza or chinese; anything to do with the internet (renewing or reserving library books, checking the Lotto results, tv guide or weather forecast; programming the VCR to record Medium, CSI, Law & Order and SVU for Jac every week so she can fast forward through the ads when she watches the shows; changing the cat litter. The things Jac does include: mowing the lawn, putting out the rubbish bins, killing cockroaches, paying utility bills and dealing with tradespeople.

**Really, mortgage-payer. Unless we win Lotto.

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