Some of this week’s food, and weekend plans

It’s been yet another hectic week. I’m pleased to report I have not scratched since Tuesday when I saw the doctor, and my hands are looking much better. My thumbs were especially bad (a cross between scabby and reptilian), but they have definitely improved. There is still a great deal of healing required though, before my hands look almost “normal”. The good news is because my hands are no longer as raw and bleeding as they were before (just a couple of small wounds remain on my right thumb), they don’t hurt as much when I apply the various creams/ointments/moisturisers. The bad news is they are still itchy as hell (in fact they are itching as I type this). A few people have emailed me with suggestions of ways to remedy the itching. I’ll try to chase those up this weekend and next week. Hopefully things will gradually improve anyway the more my hands heal. In the meantime, I am wearing white grubby grey cotton gloves and looking like Mickey Mouse to stop myself scratching.

So, it’s another Friday night, and I’m watching another Elvis dvd. Tonight, it’s the ever so tacky, cheesy and embarrasing Harum Scarum. But I am such an Elvis fan I don’t mind even this movie. It’s no where as good as Blue Hawaii or even It Happened at the World’s Fair, but I find myself entertained nonetheless. However I know, I know, you are more interested in the food pictures. So here they are.

This was lunch on Wednesday at uni – chicken noodle soup. A vaguely healthy lunch, after Tuesday’s HJ’s.

Chicken noodle soup

Sometimes for a treat, we like to have a fry-up for dinner. On Wednesday night, we had bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and french toast. The mushrooms and tomatoes were ones we bought at the Canning Vale Markets on Sunday. The bacon was from the supermarket and was surprisingly good, with both streaky and meaty pieces. Jac ate her bacon with barbecue sauce, as usual. I ate my french toast with a tiny drizzle of maple syrup (I’d have loved to dip the french toast in a lavish, large sticky pool of syrup, but I didn’t). I think I’ve had enough bacon for a little while :).

Bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and french toast

A trip around the plate:

Bacon  Mushrooms  French toast  Tomatoes

Tonight, we ordered our favourite chinese home delivery for dinner. We got all our usual favourite dishes: special fried rice, pork chops with nanking sauce, ma po tofu and broccoli in oyster sauce. In addition to this, we also ordered a serve of mini spring rolls and sang choy bow. For those who don’t know, sang chow bow is lettuce leaves with savoury meat (usually pork) stuffing. This version’s stuffing is made with pork mince, finely diced celery, champignons and chinese sausage. There’s some sort of chopped nuts in the stuffing too – maybe cashews or almonds – it’s hard to tell which because it’s so finely chopped, but the crunchy texture is definitely nutty. The wormy bits are the crispy noodles. Our order came with free prawn crackers too, which is always good.

Sang choy bow

Here is my loaded plate.

My plate

And another round the plate trip:

Special fried rice  Pork chops with nanking sauce  Ma po tofu  Broccoli with oyster sauce

A busy weekend coming up. I have to check my PO Box for mail tomorrow, and we have to clean the house. I hope to do some work on the chapter (yes, that same awful chapter I’ve been talking about for ages). I will also be baking brownies. On Sunday we’re having Jac’s family over for a Mother’s Day lunch. Jac is going to roast a big chunk of pork. She’s making soup too, not sure what sort – you’ll have to wait for the photos!

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