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We met up with Jac’s mum for dinner last night. They both had Japanese, while I stuck to one of my old favourites. Jac had teriyaki fish with rice and salad. I thought the rice was a little overcooked, but the fish was really nice, and teriyaki sauce was deliciously thick and syrupy.

Teriyaki fish, rice and salad

She also ordered a serve of agedashi tofu, which I shared with her. The tofu had a really thin and light batter coating, which provided a really pleasant and satisfying crispy contrast to the soft tofu inside. It was really lovely.

Agedashi tofu

Jac’s mum had chicken katsu, rice and salad.The dipping sauce it came with tasted very interesting, sort of like a thick barbecue sauce but with an overriding flavour of worchestershire sauce.

Chicken katsu

Here’s a close-up of the salad. I love the dressing that the Japanese salad comes with.


I had hainan chicken rice. Because semester is just about over, I will not be able to get hainan chicken rice at uni – they only cook the whole chickens to make the dish during semester. Last night’s chicken rice at the food hall was great. And the chilli sauce it came with was so garlicky! That should take care of my chicken rice craving for a while.

Hainan chicken rice


I’ve finished marking the exam papers, which on the whole I was quite pleased with. There’s still one that I am yet to receive (a work-related story that I am unable to tell). I am really tired and have a bit of a headache. I might have to go back to bed for a nap. When Jac gets home from hockey, maybe we can order pizza or something.

Oh – this is a message for Juji: I still have your Protector of the Small series. I have been looking out for the books to buy for myself so I can return yours to you but I haven’t found all the books – would you mind if I hung on to them just for a while longer? I’m using them for the last chapter. I promise I haven’t forgotten that they are your books, and you will get them back eventually i.e. this is not a borrowing-turned-into-stealing book thing.

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