Laksa lunch

I only went to uni once this week – Wednesday, because I had a meeting with my supervisor. The meeting went well. She’ll be away for the next month or so and hopefully while she is gone I will be very productive and have something resembling a chapter (the last one, weeeeeeeeee!) to show her when she returns.

The best part about this time of the uni year i.e. inter-semester break is that there are no queues for the loo. But the bad thing is the chinese place doesn’t cook the chickens needed to make hainan chicken rice and combination rice (I have no idea where the chicken for the laksa comes from though). It didn’t matter on Wednesday though, because I had a hankering for laksa, and so that’s what I had for lunch. I ordered chicken laksa (AU$5.80), but they gave me the whole shebang (AU$6.90) – laksa with not only chicken and fried tofu, but also prawns and fish cake. I really couldn’t be bothered pointing out the mistake because 1) by the time I realised the mistake I was already back at my office. I’d been so focused on bringing the laksa upstairs to my office asap I didn’t really think about the extra bits floating in the bowl until I was sitting there ready to dig in. By then, I just could not be bothered bringing it back downstairs to point out the error; 2) I was the only person waiting for food at the time, so it was obvious that they hadn’t given me someone else’s order; 3) and so, what were they going to do? Take out the prawns and fish cake and put them into someone else’s order later or just chuck them away? and 4) I decided this would be very belated compensation for the raw wantan incident. Yes, I have an elephant-memory. I ate my laksa and my two bursty prawns and it was all very good.

Curry laksa

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