Mmmm, pork chops.

Another meal from this week: asian pork chop with rice and steamed vegies. Jac used Lee Kum Kee brand “asian pork chops” packet sauce. First, she panfried the pork chops until golden brown. Then she added sliced onions to the pan and fried them until browned. Lastly, she added the sauce. It smelled so good while they were cooking! We always smoke the house out when frying pork chops, which its annoying. Luckily, I remembered to open the front door and kitchen window before the smoke alarms went off. The house got a little cold, but the smell and the anticipation made up for it.

Pork chops and onions cooking in the pan

Here was my plate:

Plate shot of asian pork chop, rice and steamed vegies

The steamed vegies were green beans, champignons and broccoli. Nothing fancy, but really yummy.

Steamed vegies

The onions were beautifully caramelised and so sweet. The pork was juicy and the sauce was really good. I told Jac we should use it with pork ribs sometime. Even Pixel thought it smelled good, but I didn’t give her any.

Pork chop

I still have to post about last night’s movie and dinner with C. But it’s time to do some work, so I’ll post later this evening.

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