Rice, chicken curry and bok choy

Here was one of our dinners this week: rice with chicken curry and bok choy.

Plate shot of rice, blanched bok choy and chicken curry

The chicken curry was really simple – chicken thighs, onion, green beans and carrots cooked with Yeo’s Malaysian mild curry sauce.

Chicken curry

I blanched the bok choy in boiling water for about a minute and a half, then drained it and served it drizzled with soy sauce and sesame oil and a cracking of black pepper.

Blanched bok choy

Jac made up a little treat for the cats too – she cooked some chopped chicken in the microwave and added some water to make a chunky chicken soup. They went absolutely nuts smelling it while it cooled down – Pixel did her little hungry dance on her tip-toes – she turned round and round in circles mewing in her little high voice (even higher because she was so excited) – in the end Jac left the dish outside on the verandah to cool for a bit. When they finally got to eat it, they couldn’t lap up the soup quick enough. After the soup was all gone, they happily munched on the chunks of chicken.

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