The patties had seeds in them!

Last night for dinner, Jac made another no-recipe dish – turkey patties, using turkey mince and all sorts of stuff we had in the pantry and fridge, including leftover vegetables, breadcrumbs and LSA. She served them with a big dish of tomato sauce. They were very meaty and very tasty.

She also made me up a plate of salad and bread-and-butter pickles and served that with a little dish of mayonaise for dipping. Yes, I ate it all!

This morning, I ate leftover turkey patties with rice for my breakfast, mmmmm. I’ve received a few emails from people today. I will get back to you, I promise, probably sometime tomorrow. Unfortunately I’ve still got a stack of essay feedback to get through. I worked all day, but I guess being tired I wasn’t able to work very quickly. Still, I got quite a lot done today.

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