Tokyo Drift, Part 2

We both ordered from the Straits Malacca Cuisine stall at the food hall. C ordered the pan mee. It looked really good – lots of pork, fish balls and two crispy fried wantan, which C said were really good.

Siang siang pan mee

I ordered the claypot chicken rice. When I ate this back in August last year it was very disappointing – the rice was burnt and left a carbony, scorched taste in my mouth. If it hadn’t been burned it would have been very good. I decided to give it another go. I’m glad I did.

Claypot chicken with lid on  Claypot chicken rice

It was yummy! There was LOTS of chicken, as well as chinese mushrooms and chinese sausage. I couldn’t finish all the rice. I was absolutely stuffed (well, I did say I wanted to stuff my face!).

Claypot chicken rice, close up

We both enjoyed our dinner very much. C washed her pan mee down with cendol. We both ordered some food to take home for our partners. C got the mongolian chicken rice for her other half, while I ordered Jac a large sushi combination from the Japanese stall as per her request that morning before she left for work.

When I got home Jac was ready and waiting for her home delivered sushi. It was ok but they had gone completely gangbusters with the wasabi. They had plastered ridiculously thick clumps of wasabi on most of the sushi. You might be able to see the wasabi under the salmon and prawn in the photo. I peeled back the prawn, octopus, salmon, eel and it was all the same – way waaaay too much wasabi. Before Jac got shitty and declared the sushi inedible (which it was, with that much wasabi on it), I grabbed a knife and scraped off the excess wasabi for her. Pixel watched interestedly. I think she rather liked the smell of the seafood sushi and was hoping for a little bite. A bit of wasabi would’ve sorted her out, but I’d never do that!

Large sushi combination

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