Is it that late already?!

A quick update for those who were interested (thank you for the tips!): I bought us tickets to the Dixie Chicks just a short while ago via a Ticketek presale link kindly shared by a fan at a Dixie Chicks forum I joined this evening. Jenna, the AOL Sessions videos you told me about were crucial in helping us decide! If we aren’t too broke closer to the time we might make a bigger night out of it with dinner at a fancy restaurant before or even a whole night staying at the Burswood. I’ll start putting aside some money for that now, I think, so when we discuss our options closer to the time I can reveal my secret stash of cash and make it all possible! The concert is in October, so I have a couple of months to save up, in between paying for those red temples for my glasses and more dental work I apparently need.

Busy weekend coming up – tomorrow: shops in the morning, mahjong in the afternoon and for the rest of the day, with food of course (Jac and I missed out on the first session with my aunties/mum/siblings due to hockey and uni commitments), maybe going to a party in the evening if we aren’t completely drained of energy when night comes. Our contribution to the meal will be pork ribs – which we will cook in my mum’s oven – they are marinating right now, have been marinating for a couple of hours and will marinate all night, soaking up all the flavour and getting more succulent. Mmmmmm.

Damn it, I meant to get to bed much, much earlier than this. Time to go.

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